Congratulations as Paul Wright of WhatIfGroup is elected Senior Fellow of the Institue of Place Management

Dear Paul,
The election of a Senior Fellow is always based upon the unanimous decision of our existing Senior Fellows. It is the highest level of membership of the Institute and carries the post-nominal letters SFIPM. It is a bestowed honour, based upon achievements that have had a profound impact upon the practice, study or policies of place management and leadership.
Your Senior Fellowship recognises the outstanding contribution you have made to our profession, your work, and tenacity and we are delighted you are willing to accept this honour.
Our Senior Fellows are our international ambassadors for the place management profession and subject area. They amplify the achievements of our members – who work with energy and passion serving the needs of places and their communities. They stress the importance of professional place management and leadership and lead by example when it comes to their integrity and commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning. Our Senior Fellows are also critical friends to the IPM Directors providing direction, constructive challenge and support. They abide by the same Code of Conduct as the rest of our membership.
As our Senior Fellows are appointed as a result of your own unique achievements we do not explicitly define duties as it is important you can advocate and progress place management and leadership in ways that build upon your skills, knowledge and networks in the way expected above. Nevertheless, we do ask that Senior Fellows are willing to review up to four IPM working papers and reports each year (more if you like!), present at occasional IPM events (such as our graduation ceremony for MSc Place Management and Leadership) and, most importantly, provide guidance and feedback on salient issues and debates. These discussions are usually done through phone calls and emails – although they may include contributions to meetings and inquiries. There is no salary associated with the position, although the IPM can, of course, reimburse reasonable expenses when travel is involved.
Once again, on behalf of the Institute can I offer my sincere congratulations and I look forward to your feedback on our announcement.
All the best
 Professor Cathy Parker
Institute of Place Management | Co-Chair
Journal of Place Management and Development | Editor-in-Chief
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