Our Strengths

Our expertise means we understand the complex nature of communities, particularly their town centres. Too many initiatives focus on what we call a ‘redline approach’ (on legal ownership) when the best solution requires a more holistic solution. Physically it is essential to identify the best outcome for the whole area and then work out how we can achieve that, but working with local socio-economic strategies and stakeholders is key to sustainability. This is most likely to be achieved through a genuine collaborative public private partnership. For that reason, we have developed a new model called Town First Innovation Partnership governed by a Framework called Place First Economics.

This inspires a new, more diverse multi-stakeholder way of thinking. An essential change of mindset for many. Many solutions do not require substantial sums of money, many wins can come through positive behavioural economics and collaboration between partners. A longer-term approach with many potential wins along the way, appealing to both public and private sector objectives.

We believe creating wealth, equitability and sustainably are mutually deliverable, provided it’s social, ethical, moral and inclusive.