Want to make a difference

Don't be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

Founded in 2021 with a depth of experience, the Whatifgroup… offers a new mindset of creative thinking and delivery for real estate and regeneration. We have a particular passion for towns that need “levelling up“ .


In many towns, pride in place is fragile and hope is fading. We need a radical new approach; the old ways are outdated !

In many instances regeneration focuses too heavily on the built environment and not enough on the real benefit to communities and place.

Most consultants have become too specialised and narrowly focussed, therefore missing the bigger picture.


Our DNA is based on ethical capitalism, people and place, circular economies, sustainability and the built environment. We have substantial expertise in both the public and private sectors, and understand the nuances needed to create more trusting, impactful and sustainable partnerships.

We can offer rounded advice and storytelling for landlords and occupiers that will create a unique USP.


We champion the need for closer and more equitable relationships between public and private sectors. This means a more holistic, bottom-up approach to development and regeneration, based on a better understanding of people and place. We have a range of regeneration partnerships that can really make a difference and generate multi-stakeholder outcomes.

Town centre, health and well-being, leisure, public services, skills and education, employment, arts and culture and housing need to be more heavily integrated, but are too often treated independently.

Whatif… can help navigate the critical pathways to achieve the town centre vision for change, including development consultancy or direct development and help occupiers that want to generate social impact.