Stack – Creating Great Places to Eat, Relax and Be Entertained

The WhatIf Group has been working in collaboration with STACK to help create great places to eat, relax and be entertained, proving that retail can be used for all, bringing a sense of community and fun.

Walking 30 miles for our Friend Pat Freeman and the MND Charity

We have been friends with Pat for over 30 years when he told us that he had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) We decided that we needed to do something and a 30 mile walk seemed a fitting way to raise money and awareness of this horrendous disease. (Click on the link to […]

Winners and Losers on the High Street and in Town Centres.

On the 15th of February Britain was reported to be β€œofficially” in a recession, although the downturn had already appeared in the last quarter of 2023. Our economy had stagnated after Covid and growth is expected to be slow in 2024, which may lead to a reduction in interest rates from the summer. We are […]

Successful Public and Private Partnerships – sharing the Risk & Reward.

The WhatIf Group has been working successfully with a few equitable Public & Private sectors sharing the risk and the reward, unfortunately that cannot be said for many PPPs. It is common knowledge that Local Authorities (LA’s)are facing a financial crisis with more than 100 currently in debt. Many authorities are living hand to mouth […]


Evidence suggests that new businesses are most vulnerable in their first two years of existence. The Whatifgroup has passed that milestone and things are looking extremely positive. We are more than halfway through our third year with strong optimism and growing confidence. We are therefore looking to diversify the team. The biggest challenge has been […]

WhatIf… We do Real Estate Differently –

WHY LOCAL AUTHORITIES NEED TO CONTINUE TO INVEST LOCALLY Anyone watching Panorama on BBC on 31st July 2023 on the financial disaster at Thurrock Council could be forgiven for wondering why a local authority was investing in projects in far flung places? How does this benefit local people? In theory, if the investments made money, […]


Kinetic asked the WhatIf Group to assist in developing their formative ideas for the creation of a vibrant quarter around Middlesbrough rail station. They already owned some heritage properties that had been successfully renovated as serviced offices. After creating a wider vision for the area, we have subsequently worked with the Kinetic team on further […]


Kinetic acquired the lease for the Gateshead Town Hall site at the heart of Tyneside,close to the Tyne Bridge. Their proposals were originally for the development of amuseum within the Old Town Hall building. The site is complex including some significant Listed Buildings and surface level carparks, in an excellent location at the heart of […]


WhatIf Group were commissioned by Capita, who provide services to North Tyneside Council, to provide support to the town centre components of a strategy for the central Wallsend. This strategy was the basis for bidding for funding for implementation. After the initial commission we advised that the town centre should be looked at holistically and […]