2023 New Year, New Ventures.

At the beginning of 2022 The WhatIf Group never fully realised all it would achieve. Building on existing relationships and creating New Friends, New Partnerships, New Ventures , has enabled us to end this year on a very positive note. We have created strong foundations that will hold fast into the coming New Year and enable us to forge ahead with our plans for a better future for Communities, Town Centres and Cities.
As we approach 2023 and heading toward our 2nd anniversary, we are growing more confident that all factors are pointing towards our vision for more equitable town centre, public private partnerships and sustainable development.
Powerful funds like Schroders, L&G and Triple Point are launching Impact Funds, strengthening their ESG credentials and looking for more genuine stakeholder outcomes, beyond just the usual ROI.
At the same time austerity continues to tighten its grip on public sector funding and local government must find new ways of generating revenue to fund those non protected services being squeezed by increasing costs of welfare.
Put the needs of both together and each party can win- our vision for public private parties based on shared risk and reward can create a new way based on ethical capitalism. It will lead to a more circular economy, better place and a brighter future for local communities.
We are hopeful that 2023 will be the year when we can launch a pilot of our town centre PPP model. Our ethical values remain steadfast and unwavering – we are ready for 2023. 
 Photograph by  Annette Meyer from Pixabay
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