A Year on ! Summary

A year on – What we have been up to?
We are incredibly proud that we have been working with some fantastic Clients and we imagine a kind of family tree emerging- a feeling of mutual trust. We are wholly focussed on quality not quantity. The projects and places we have been working on have, without exception been extremely rewarding. What is apparent is that the loss of vibrancy and pride in the centre of the UK’s towns is pronounced across the whole nation. We have seen some heroic responses by hard pressed local authorities and landlords.
It is essential to our brand vision, that our clients either have already or will buy into our philosophy of ESG and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, being the underlying principles of all we do. We wholly adhere to the fact that what we do, how we behave and the advice we give, can make a real difference, making the returns our clients need to continue investing, but also putting something back into the communities with whom we engage.
We have widely written about supporting Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s), with Kevin coming from a public sector career and Paul coming from the private sector. However, many of the extant PPP’s are weighted heavily in favour of the private sector, who remarkably still seem to think that is a competitive right. We envisage a landscape where the private sector helps the public sector to generate recurring income streams in order to fund community needs, and the public sector works with the private sector to help it meet its investment criteria, so it becomes a long term genuine partnership.
These partnerships must be built on fairness, equitable shared risk and reward, to create a more sustainable future. That will create true and ethical impact investment.  In many of the under-served areas, PPP’s are essential to being able to generate the environment where development is sustainable. Combining the skills and resources of both the public and private sectors in a collaborative way is of paramount importance to optimise the outcomes for the people who live there.For the full article see
For the full article see https://reverent-kirch.91-238-163-161.plesk.page/whatifgroup-a-year-on/
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