Walking 30 miles for our Friend Pat Freeman and the MND Charity

We have been friends with Pat for over 30 years when he told us that he had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) We decided that we needed to do something and a 30 mile walk seemed a fitting way to raise money and awareness of this horrendous disease. (Click on the link to […]

Winners and Losers on the High Street and in Town Centres.

On the 15th of February Britain was reported to be “officially” in a recession, although the downturn had already appeared in the last quarter of 2023. Our economy had stagnated after Covid and growth is expected to be slow in 2024, which may lead to a reduction in interest rates from the summer. We are […]

Successful Public and Private Partnerships – sharing the Risk & Reward.

The WhatIf Group has been working successfully with a few equitable Public & Private sectors sharing the risk and the reward, unfortunately that cannot be said for many PPPs. It is common knowledge that Local Authorities (LA’s)are facing a financial crisis with more than 100 currently in debt. Many authorities are living hand to mouth […]

WhatIf… We do Real Estate Differently –

WHY LOCAL AUTHORITIES NEED TO CONTINUE TO INVEST LOCALLY Anyone watching Panorama on BBC on 31st July 2023 on the financial disaster at Thurrock Council could be forgiven for wondering why a local authority was investing in projects in far flung places? How does this benefit local people? In theory, if the investments made money, […]

Case Study – Quayside, MediaCity

Leasing Brochure Quayside Media City

WhatifGroup were asked by Peel L&P (part of the Peel Group, one of the leading infrastructure, transport and real estate investors in the UK, with collective investments owned and under management of+ £5bn) in early 2021 to help them develop a new strategy for the re-named, former Lowry Outlet Mall, located next to one of […]


‘In early 2022 we were approached by a community group in Consett, County Durham who were opposing the development of a waste burning incinerator at the heart of their town. The group had mobilised literally thousands of people to oppose the development but had virtually no professional support nor money to pay for any. We […]

The very Foundation of our Societies and Economies is Human Potential.

Economy and wellbeing are in the best cases closely interlinked and mutually reinforcing. Economic growth improves people’s wellbeing, whereas wellbeing and health of the population enhance economic growth and stability. This interlinkage must be better recognised. In Finland, we are putting forward a holistic approach to this question that requires horizontal thinking and cross-sectoral co-operation. […]

Community & The Circular Economy

The concept of the circular economy has the potential to benefit society and communities in addition to generating commercial benefits for retailers. Retailers that adopt circular economy practices can reduce their environmental impact, improve their bottom line, and contribute to local economies and communities. In this blog post, we will explore examples of retailers implementing […]