‘In early 2022 we were approached by a community group in Consett, County Durham who were opposing the development of a waste burning incinerator at the heart of their town. The group had mobilised literally thousands of people to oppose the development but had virtually no professional support nor money to pay for any.
We were delighted to volunteer to provide our advice, attending online meetings every week, but one thing led to another, and they asked us to act as their ‘Expert Witness’ at a two week planning Public Inquiry. We realised we could not say no.
After preparing Witness Evidence and commenting on others Proofs of Evidence we attended the Inquiry and gave evidence for a number of hours, including a cross examination by a QC. We were up against a well resourced development team with some very good professional support.
Ten months later the Secretary of State has rejected the appeal and not only we are delighted that our input has helped, particularly as Michael Gove used one of our lines of argument in his rejection ‘the negative impacts on the community’.
The community group continues to prosper and are now looking at a Neighbourhood Plan to improve this beautiful Pennine town.
Paul and Kevin are committed to community-based regeneration and we are delighted that our input has helped bring smiles to several thousand people in Consett. Our business continues to be committed to supporting great community projects whenever we can.
Consett incinerator plan dismissed by Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove
If you would like to speak to someone at the WhatIf Group to learn more, please contact Paul Wright  paulwright@whaifgroup.io or Kevin Parkes kevinparkes@reverent-kirch.91-238-163-161.plesk.page
Photograph courtesy of draco08 on Flickr.com
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